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About Jon Jones Photography

I originally started photography using film from the mid 1970's onwards being lucky enough to live in and around Warwickshire in the UK where there are so many opportunities for great pictures.  I inevitably graduated to digital photography in the mid 2000's and now use a Canon 7D together with my main camera, a Canon 5D Mark III.  Combined with my collection of top class Canon IS L lenses I am able to cover most needs including sports, portrait, landscape & urban photography.

My main love has always been landscape and cityscape photography, and I have travelled to many areas of the world to take shots of some fantastic places.

Recording life in pictures is so important, if not only for historical value. Digital images so often remain on the computer, whereas having a print hanging on your wall can be a real pleasure and bring back so many memories.  The famous photographer Ansel Adams once said " You don't take a photograph, you make it", and that is even more true in this digital age.  He also said "landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer, and often the supreme disappointment", and that's the challenge photographers today are rising to!

You can view my galleries of photographs for sale by selecting the first image in a gallery for a slide show to begin.  Should you feel the urge to purchase one of my images then simply click on the "order images" tab on a gallery for details, and then select the cart icon on the image you have chosen.

Jon Jones

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